A few days ago, KB3046049 an update for Win10TP build10041 was released and delivered through Windows Update.

Windows Technical Preview March Update (KB3050284) is available

This update includes following changes.

  • This update resolves a problem that may result in a transparent Start screen and Task view, transparencies when snapping or dragging windows, and can cause desktop thumbnails to appear as black squares.
  • This update resolves a problem that results in severe graphical artifacts on screen when Magnifier is launched in docked or lens mode.
  • This update contains a reliability improvement to resolve a common system crash.

It only includes the patch for dwm.exe.

I agree the system stabily is improved, but I’ve got twice the same flickering problem(See previous post.)

I’ve sent the following message to Windows Feedback.

When the hard drive is getting up from power-saving, File Explorer is pausing. In Windows 8, this is not a problem. But in Windows 10, this causes the Window Manager(dem.exe) crashed. In build 10041 with KB3050284, this problem still exists.

(2015/03/26 update. This problem is also caused by other applications. I think the Window Manager may be crashed when some application is busy for flushing window. Or caused by display driver. ATI(AMD) driver is always unstable, it will be a beta version forever.)

You know this patch disables the transparent start menu. It mesans this build is rollbacked to build 9926. I’m not so bad about that flat UI, but is it improved Userbility? No. I call it the Decadence. I wish anyone invents more beautiful/useful UI. Or I wonder if an innovative UI does not come up while an output is a flat monitor.


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