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241679 Hard Disk Does Not Spin Down According to the Power Management Settings

  • (注:現在、左のリンクは元の文書とは異なる内容に変わっています。)
  • Symptoms: The hard disk on your laptop computer may spin continuously, even though no programs are accessing it after the time that is specified in the Power Management tool. This problem can occur when your battery is charging (after being on battery power), or discharging (when the computer is running on battery power).
  • CAUSE: This problem can occur because all programs are notified by a power broadcast message every time that the battery life percent changes; however, the Input Output Supervisor (IOS) resets the spin-down timer for the device whenever it receives the broadcast message.


   Date        Time    Version    Size    File name
   01/19/2001  01:33a  4.90.3003  80,147  Ios.vxd

252185 Multiple SCSI Bus Resets Occur with a FireWire (1394) Controller


LastWriteTime       Version        Length Name
-------------       -------        ------ ----
07/28/2000 12:57:22 4.90.3001.1     25872 61883.SYS
07/28/2000 12:53:46 4.90.3001.1     45104 ARP1394.SYS
07/31/2000 15:59:28 4.90.3001.1     49808 OHCI1394.SYS

264386 Cannot Wake Computer from Standby with USB

  • Symptoms: After you insert and eject a 16-bit PC Card or ATA PC Card, your computer may not wake up from Standby mode if you use a Universal Serial Bus (USB) keyboard or mouse to wake the computer.
  • WORKAROUND: Instead of using the USB keyboard or mouse, use the power switch on the computer to resume from Standby mode.


LastWriteTime       Version        Length Name
-------------       -------        ------ ----
06/21/2000 19:30:46 4.90.3001.1     24928 usbd.sys
06/21/2000 19:22:38 4.90.3001.1     41840 usbhub.sys

267304 IEEE 1394 Mass Storage Device Not Present After Resuming From Standby

  • Symptoms: After resuming from suspend (S3) or hibernate (S4), IEEE 1394 mass storage devices that were attached to the system may not be available in My Computer. In addition, you may experience a Trap 14 Exception Error or the system may hang during the resume process. These latter issues are not limited to mass storage devices, and can exist with any IEEE 1394 device.


   Date        Time      Version      Size     File name   
   08/29/2000  03:14pm   4.90.3001   203,994   Ntkern.vxd
   08/28/2000  05:15pm   4.90.3001    80,147   Ios.vxd
   08/29/2000  01:03pm   4.90.3001.1  36,528   Sbp2port.sys

271264 タスク バーの電源状態表示アイコンがバッテリ 100% 充電状態を正しく表示しない

  • SYMPTOMS:The Power icon on the taskbar may not be updated properly if the following conditions exist:
    • You repeatedly disconnect and reconnect AC power.
    • The battery charge is at 100 percent.
    • Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) is enabled on your computer.
  • This problem mainly applies to notebook computers.

LastWriteTime       Version        Length Name
-------------       -------        ------ ----
08/22/2000 17:05:56 4.90.3000       28672 systray.exe

274175 Error Message Opening or Copying File from Folder Eight Levels Deep on CD-ROM

  • Symptoms: When you attempt to open or copy a file that is located in a folder that is eight or more levels “down” from the root folder on a CD-ROM, Windows may be unable to open or copy the file and you may receive an error message from the program that is attempting to open or copy the file.
  • CAUSE: This problem occurs because the total path length, including the file name, exceeds 80 characters.


 Date      Time   Version    Size    File name  Platform
 10/09/00  4:55p  4.00.952   58,644  Cdfs.vxd   Windows 95
 10/09/00  4:55p  4.00.1113  59,153  Cdfs.vxd   Windows 95 OSR2
 09/29/00  5:05p  4.10.1999  58,644  Cdfs.vxd   Windows 98/Second Edition
 10/05/00  5:38p  4.90.3001  58,644  Cdfs.vxd   Windows Me

274370 Error Message on a Blue Screen When You Try to Play Digital CD Audio

  • Symptoms: When you try to play digital CD audio, you may receive an error message on a blue screen that refers to one of the following files
  • CAUSE: This problem can occur if your computer is equipped with a sound card, USB speakers, or any other device that enables digital audio, and any of the following Intel 800 series chip sets. The vendor-supplied driver does not set the data transfer length in the Small Computers System Interface (SCSI) request block data structure that it passes to the miniport driver.


   Date        Time    Version    Size   File name  Platform
   09/28/2000  10:26p  4.10.2186  32,443 Cdvsd.vxd  Windows 98
   09/28/2000  10:05p  4.10.2226  32,443 Cdvsd.vxd  Windows 98 Second Edition
   09/28/2000  10:08p  4.90.3002  41,643 Cdvsd.vxd  Windows Me

276602 Device Manager Reports Code 10 for Device and Does Not Assign an Available IRQ


Date        Time    Version    Size   File name  Platform
22/11/2000  14:23  4.10.2224  69,594 Ios.vxd    Windows 98 Second Edition
22/11/2000  10:54  4.10.2227  65,919 Pci.vxd    Windows 98 Second Edition
27/11/2000  09:33             24,136 Mshdc.inf  Windows 98 Second Edition
29/08/2001  07:31  4.90.3004  70,539 Pci.vxd    Windows Millennium Edition

277784 “HIDSERV” Error Message on Suspend When Using an IBM Rapid Access III Keyboard

  • 次の修正を含む
    • KB271376 ‘HIDSERV’ Error Message After Hibernation with IBM Rapid Access III Keyboard
  • SYMPTOMS: When you are using an IBM Rapid Access III keyboard, you may receive the following error message when you initiate Suspend mode: “Hidserv has caused an error in kernel32.dll” This problem occurs only on localized versions of Windows Millennium Edition (Me) that use a double-byte character set (DBCS) such as Japanese or Chinese.


   Date        Time    Version      Size    File name  
   10/20/2000  05:33p  4.90.3002.0  17,680  Hidserv.exe

281921 Computer Suspends After Resuming with Keyboard Power Key

  • Symptoms: Your computer may spontaneously suspend immediately after you cause it to resume by pressing the power button on the keyboard. This problem is likely to occur only if you suspended your computer from the Start menu, and is not likely to occur if you suspended the computer by using the keyboard power button.
  • CAUSE: When you press a sleep button on keyboard, a VK_SLEEP keycode message is sent to Power Manager (Vpowerd.vxd) by the Windows kernel. Vpowerd typically ignores messages while it is busy with a resume. However, there is a small time window in which Vpowerd can react to messages; if a VK_SLEEP message arrives during this time, the message is treated as a legal sleep request, and the computer is suspended.


LastWriteTime       Version        Length Name
-------------       -------        ------ ----
01/10/2001 13:42:24                120845 CONFIGMG.VXD
01/10/2001 13:42:50                 50223 VPOWERD.VXD

284837 1394 Audio/Video Control Device Stops Working Unexpectedly


Date        Time     Version        Size    File name     Operating System
03/08/2001  09:29pm  4.10.2228      37,040  Ohci1394.sys  Windows 98 Second Edition
03/09/2001  01:08pm  4.90.3004      49,872  Ohci1394.sys  Windows Me
03/21/2001  06:18pm  5.0.2195.3395  37,392  ohci1394.sys  Windows 2000

288430 Laptop Computer Hangs During Docking or Undocking


   Date        Time     Version    Size     File name   Operating system
   02/21/2001  10:27pm  4.10.2224  195,262  Ntkern.vxd  Windows 98 Second Edition
   03/05/2001  02:26pm  4.10.2226  472,564  Vmm.vxd     Windows 98 Second Edition
   02/21/2001  10:27pm  4.90.3004  203,994  Ntkern.vxd  Windows Me
   03/05/2001  02:34pm  4.90.3002  471,048  Vmm.vxd     Windows Me

289635 Display Color Matching Does Not Occur


   Date        Time     Version    Size     File name
   03/21/2001  08:44am  4.10.2002  345,680  GDI.EXE     Windows 98
   03/21/2001  08:49am  4.10.2002  138,752  GDI32.DLL   Windows 98
   03/20/2001  06:31pm  4.10.2225  345,680  GDI.EXE     Windows 98 Second Edition
   03/20/2001  06:38pm  4.10.2225  138,752  GDI32.DLL   Windows 98 Second Edition
   02/22/2001  12:39pm  4.90.3001  347,184  Gdi.exe     Windows Millennium
   02/22/2001  12:43pm  4.90.3001  156,672  Gdi32.dll   Windows Millennium

290831 SRB_FUNCTION_SHUTDOWN Requests Not Sent to SCSI Miniports During Shutdown

290831USAM.EXE (注:英語の修正モジュールですが、ファイルのロケール(言語)はWindows Me日本語版に元からあるものと同じ英語なので含めました。)

   Date        Time    Version      Size    File name     Platform
   03/14/2001  7:09AM  23,674  Scsiport.pdr  Windows 98 Second Edition
   03/14/2001  7:09AM  26,957  Scsiport.pdr  Windows Me

291236 Device Button May Not Start Still-Image Capture on Windows Me

  • Symptoms: If you use a still-imaging capture device (such as a USB camera or USB scanner) on a computer that is running Windows Millennium Edition (Me), the first time that you press the button on the device to capture the image (for example, the snapshot button), the still image capture window opens, and the image that is currently on the device is displayed and can be saved. However, when you press the capture (or snapshot) button subsequent times, the still image capture window may not open.
  • CAUSE: This problem can occur if the still-imaging method IStiDevice::Subscribe fails with an error code of RPC_S_CANNOT_SUPPORT (0x800706E4) when the method is called on Windows Me. This failure prevents the calling program from being notified of subsequent device events.


   Date       Time     Version     Size      File name   
   03/09/01   3:15pm   4.90.3002   220,944   Wiaservc.dll

296883 Windows Me Restarts Automatically from Hibernation

  • Symptoms: If a computer that conforms to the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) specification enters hibernation after suspend by a timer setting from the Power Management tool in Control Panel, Windows Millennium Edition (Me) may restart.
  • CAUSE: This problem can if the power management driver does not reset the RTC timer settings.


   Date        Time   Version      Size    File name  
   2001/04/20  14:24  84,960  Acpi.sys

300568 ‘New Hardware Found’ Starting Computer with CardBus Adapter Inserted

  • Symptoms: When you start your portable Windows Millennium Edition (Me)-based computer with a CardBus adapter inserted, the CardBus adapter may not be recognized, and you may receive the following message or one that is similar to it: “New Hardware Found ‘PCI Ethernet Controller’ Windows has found new hardware and is installing the software for it.” When this problem occurs, the CardBus adapter may not function correctly until you eject and then reinsert the adapter.
  • CAUSE: There is a timing issue that may occur on some computers with specific processor types and speeds, in conjunction with certain CardBus adapters that have specific timing requirements for initializing or resetting the adapter. This problem occurs when the PCCard device driver (Pccard.vxd) resets the PCCard socket. If the adapter in the socket is a CardBus type adapter, Pccard.vxd immediately performs a second reset of the socket. Depending on the hardware combination, this second reset may occur during a time when the adapter is not stable, resulting in an incomplete reset of the adapter. When this occurs, the card’s registers will not return correct values, so the card will not be enumerated correctly and will not function normally.


   Date          Time   Version    Size    File name   Operating System
   July 3, 2001  09:33  4.90.3002  81,769  Pccard.vxd  Windows Me

304708 Your Computer May Stop Responding with IEEE 1394 DVD and USB Storage Drives

  • 次の修正モジュールを含む
    • 274370 Error Message on a Blue Screen When You Try to Play Digital CD Audio
  • SYMPTOMS: If you attempt to shut down a computer that is running Windows Millennium Edition (Me) and a Universal Serial Bus (USB) storage device and certain IEEE 1394 digital video disc (DVD) drives are attached to your computer, your computer may stop responding (hang) and your screen may be black or illegible after a delay of 15 seconds or more. If you press a key on the keyboard, your computer may shut down. When you start your computer again, the ScanDisk tool may run.
  • CAUSE: This problem can occur if an input/output (I/O) request racket is issued for the IEEE 1394 drive after the drive shuts down. Because the drive no longer exists when the I/O request is issued, the packet times out after 15 seconds.


   Date    Time  Version      Size    File name  Operating system
   8/9/01  7:08  41,643  Cdvsd.vxd  Windows Me

307908 Error Messages When You Quit the Sounds and Multimedia Tool in Control Panel

  • Symptoms: When you click OK or Cancel to quit the Sounds and Multimedia tool in Control Panel, your computer may stop responding (hang), or you may receive the following error message on a blue screen: “Error: 0D : 0157 : 00005ED7” If you then press a key, the desktop may appear for a brief moment before the blue screen reappears. After this occurs, you may receive the following error messages (or similar messages) in succession on a black screen: “RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in module USER32.DLL at 0177:bff49be. EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in module USER.EXE at 0003:000008b2e.” Additionally, if the first Windows error message on a blue screen does not appear, you may receive error messages on the desktop that are similar to the preceding Rundll32 and Explorer error messages. If you click Close after you receive the second or third error messages that are in this section, you may eventually receive the first error message that is listed in this section. This problem is more likely to occur if you select any item in the Sound Event list on the Sounds tab that is listed with a speaker icon.
  • CAUSE: This problem can occur if the Sounds and Multimedia tool improperly destroys a shared icon while it is cleaning up Graphics Device Interface (GDI) resources.


   Date         Time   Version    Size     File name
   26-Sep-2001  16:49  4.90.3001  408,576  Mmsys.cpl

310695 DVD Player Program Cannot Access Data

  • Symptoms: When you use a DVD player program to view DVD-ROM data (DVD content other than audio or video), some of the files may appear as white boxes, and the program may stop responding (hang). If you press CTRL+ALT+DEL to open the Close Program dialog box, click the program, and then click End Task, you may receive the following error message on a blue screen if you attempt to restart the DVD player program
  • CAUSE: The Universal Disk Format (UDF) file system is a read-only file system that is designed to interchange data on DVDs and CD-ROMs. The UDF file system driver may not work when it tries to close a handle to a file that has multiple simultaneous opens, when a semaphore is not cleared.

   Date         Time   Version      Size    File name
   07-Nov-2001  09:02  41,599  Udf.vxd

311561 MS-DOS Does Not Properly Process Hard Disk Hardware Errors

   Date          Time   Size       File name     
   29-Nov-2001   12:29  110,080    Io.sys

321635 A spindown request does not spin down a hard disk on a Windows Millennium Edition-based computer


   Date          Time    Version    Size     File name
   24-May-2002   16:15   NA         50,223   Vpowerd.vxd 


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